Melancholium v0.97 (2015)




Melancholium                                                                                            v 0.97
Aesthetically similar to a chessboard, the instrument
is designed to correlate multiple instances of rythm
and oscilation by mapping physical objects to a
surround environment through the use of
ReactiVision and Pure Data.
1&2: Rhythm Noise Modulerb

1, x: Roomsize / y: dry, enveloped vca / angle: wetness.
2, x: Lpf freq / y: vcf freq / angle: vcf resonans.

3&4: As low as we should go

3, x: Rythmic paste 1st & 2nd / y: 1st pitch
/ angle: resonant tone.

4, x: 2nd pitch / y: envelope shape.

5&6: Harmonicum

5, x: Controlled Random rhythm & delay paste
/ y: Composition pitch / angle: modulation pitch.
6, x: modulation frequency / y: Delay amount
/ angle: Amount of change in a enveloped vca.

The Melancholium wouldn’t have been created without
the great contributions of the open-source community.

// Thanks to:
The ReactiVision Team,
Ricardo Atienza,
The Pd Community,